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Principle of function of bio-field scanner, technical documentation
Examples of shapes of scanned bio-fields
Special measurements of the bio-influent field of electric mains
Impact of the bio-influent field of a mobile phone
Protection from the mobile phone bio-influent field with a BAROQAL protective element
Surging of energy field of the probe following a Wi-Fi aerial exposition
Protection from Wi-Fi bio-influent field with a BAROQAL protective element
Effect of the activated diamond crystal ADiK
An impact of a nearby person and associated elements BAROQAL, PU on the probe
Basic homeopathy conditions
The impact of the mobile phone bio-influent field on an energy field of a homeopathic medication
Surging of a biofield of an emotionally disturbed person superimposed on the measuring curve
Elimination of impact of geophysical anomalies with the use of the PU protective element

Impact of the bio-influent field of a mobile phone

Fig. 1
Basic measurement - probe's own energy field (t = 0 min)

Fig. 2
A decrease in the emissions from the probe following an exposition with a mobile phone (10times switched on and switched off)
14 cm away.
(t = 5 min)

On basis of results limited to the impact of electromagnetic emissions of mobile phones it cannot be said that mobile phones are harmless because the impact of bio-influent field on information and energy field of a human is much more serious than thermal effect of electromagnetic fields. The conclusions for measurements within the bio-influent fields area show that they can be severe.
According to our measurements, the limit for the impact on the human biofield by bio-influent fields from sources of high-frequency electromagnetic equipment with the intensity of the electrical field of 10 mV/m. According to the Governmental Order for the Czech Republic number 1/2008 Coll., the highest allowed value of exposition of humans for the 1,800 MHz spectrum equals to 58 V/m which is about 6,000 times higher.
The standard was set with regards to the requirements for transfer of signal by Wi-Fi equipment without tests and with reference to thermal effects of the electromagnetic field only. The measurements demonstrate the damage to the human biofield by the bio-influent field created in sources of high-frequency emissions even at thousandths of values of the intensity of the high frequency field allowed by the standard. Because of this, any discussion about values of SAR (its current lowest value is limited by the need to transmit a recordable signal) is pointless, this also applied to whether the standard should be 5 or 10 times lower.