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Principle of function of bio-field scanner, technical documentation
Examples of shapes of scanned bio-fields
Special measurements of the bio-influent field of electric mains
Impact of the bio-influent field of a mobile phone
Protection from the mobile phone bio-influent field with a BAROQAL protective element
Surging of energy field of the probe following a Wi-Fi aerial exposition
Protection from Wi-Fi bio-influent field with a BAROQAL protective element
Effect of the activated diamond crystal ADiK
An impact of a nearby person and associated elements BAROQAL, PU on the probe
Basic homeopathy conditions
The impact of the mobile phone bio-influent field on an energy field of a homeopathic medication
Surging of a biofield of an emotionally disturbed person superimposed on the measuring curve
Elimination of impact of geophysical anomalies with the use of the PU protective element

Principle of function of bio-field scanner, technical documentation

Each particle has a spatial field attached to it. The existence of these fields, which have not been described by physics yet, allowed the start of the study of events that due to their atypical characteristics do not fit with the current physical understanding of the world.
The measurement is based on construction of measuring probes and their filling with non-homogenous ball radiating files and system of transfer of intensity of this field into an electrical signal.

The principle of the function of scanner of the bio-fielde
The glass probe with the filling emitting a ball energy field is led at a constant speed through the scanner (on the animation, the maximum intensity is marked grey). The local maxima of the curved (marked A,B) correspond to the point of the contact between the scanner with this ball surface.
The space energy field of the probe is transferred along a single conductor to a convertor of the bio-field - an electrical signal. The signal is transferred from the convertor bipolar into the electronic evaluation system which is connected to a digital memory oscilloscope. The oscilloscope allows storage of the recorded dependencies on a PC.

The described way of measuring proves the existence of space energies linked to matter and transferred along one conductor. (this amongst other things implies the feasibility of measurements for example with EAV - by placing the items on a bowl connected with one conductor to a measuring equipment).

notes to the chart:
1) The values of intensities of the emitted energy fields of the measuring probes have not been defined by any units. Because of the wide range of these fields, they have not been set yet. The value of the amplitude of the curve in the chart is proportionate to the intensity of the energy field. A decrease of this amplitude points towards a damage, degeneration or destruction of the active matter within the probe, an increase of the altitude then points towards a change resulting in increased radiation. Experiments have been carried out in order to evaluate the existence of the changes induced by the researched phenomena by comparing the level of amplitudes of the measured curves before and after the event.

2) The other arm of the oscilloscope for independent measuring is irrelevant, it is used for calibration of the position for possible phase measurements and digital processing. Red highlights of the horizontal line are added to simplify the deduction of the diagnostic changes.

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Technical documents
glass probes
glass probes that can be taken apart containing filling developed in the lab
a scanner with a one pole output
a convertor of the energy field intensity of the probe into an electrical signal
evaluation electronic devices
a complex electronic system containing circuits with 26 operational low-noise amplifiers (key electronic elements are thermally stabilised better than to 0.001 °C).
Fluke 123 digital memory oscilloscope Fluke 123
FlukeView software application FlukeView

It is a good idea to realise that the measurements listed below are purely technical. There is a sample, an electronic scanner has been built allowing recording of these so-far unknown fields in a way that the current science does not allow. The recording of the oscilloscope confirms the existence of these energy fields and the possibility of influencing their structure. Science requires proofs by measuring.