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Electrical acupuncture according to Voll (EAV)
A comparison of effectiveness of BAROQAL and competitor products in protection against BTS
A comparison of effectiveness of BAROQAL and competitor products in protection against mobile phones
Impact of the mobile switching on
Impact of the mobile calling
ADiK - correction system
Elimination of impact of geophysical anomalies on human biofields with the use of the PU protective element
ADiK - closing comparison

A comparison of effectiveness of BAROQAL and competitor products in protection against BTS

When comparing effectiveness of individual protective elements (from different companies) we started from the following point: However the manufacturers describe their products, their effectiveness must be clearly demonstrable. A telephone with a really effective protective element must not have for the user any impact on:
  • meridian paths
  • biochemics values

  1. The subject approached the BTS base station (without any protection) up to 150 m. Periodically, (every 100 m) diagnostics were carried out with EAV. After the end of the experiment, the subject moved back 1200 m away from BTS. Following 30 minutes regeneration with ADiK on a wrist, EAV was used to check the compensated and level position.
  2. Once the subject removed ADiK, he was given one protective element (see Charts) and he again with periodical measurement after 100 metres proceeded towards BTS. This was again followed by compensation and correction of the state 1200 metres from BTS.
  3. The element number 2 was repeated for each protective element.
  4. Finally, one subject was given a BAROQAL element to put into his chest pocket and another subject stood around 3 metres from the first person without any protection! While approaching BTS, both subjects undergone periodical measurements every 100 metres.

used measuring tools:
measurement of distances:
GPS - Global Positioning System - Garmin GPS 76
measuring of intensity of EF:
SPECTRAN® RF spectrum analyzers HF-4060
EAV measurements:
Bioenergy Information Device – EAV Herocy Inc. Colchester Vermont 05449 USA
base stations, three 500W emitters, 120°

graphical processing methodology:
The charts were constructed in such a way that for each relevant time, the total sum of differences of seven measured parameters from the normal level, i.e. by how much was the measured value lower than 50 or higher than 60 (e.g. 72 means +12 for the total of variances while 35 means +15). Variances from the norm of all 7 parameters were added up and marked in the chart.

The comparison of effects of products on removal of impact of aerial systems of mobile phones

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While measuring the effectiveness of the protective element BAROQAL, the EAV parameters were measured in both subjects. The subjects were 3 metres from each other with only one of them having the BAROQAL protective element. The total sum of variances for all parameters from the norm was for both subjects zero. This implies that BAROQAL protected not only the person who worn it but also the other person following him without the protective element.