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Humankind has been aware of the danger of emissions from Earth's crust, so-called geophysical anomalies (GA) for more than 4,000 years. Chinese emperor GU issued in 2200 BC a construction act according to which no one was allowed to build house until the construction plot was checked by a dowser. In the Czech Republic, Charles University worked on this issue between 1967 and 1970.
Numerous researches proved that:
  • there is a connection between stay in geophysical anomalies and onset of illnesses
  • the severity of illness is in a direct proportion to the time that a person spends above the geophysical anomalies
The health of a person is also influenced by underground water flows and structure of the geological crust.
There are two options for dealing with the presence of geophysical anomalies or underground water flows where you live. One is to move out, the other is to effectively protect yourself.

Energy interactions
Much more significant than the impact of GA is the issue of energy interactions between humans. There are people who are able to take energy not only from their immediate environment but also over various distances. In a minority of cases, this is a conscious activity. In a majority of cases, the individual has no idea that he linked himself to someone near him, his neighbour or a relative and that he uses his energy potential.
However, the person who involuntarily hands over his energy feels this a lot. This could initially manifest itself with tiredness, queasiness, later this could turn into unexplainable pains which keep moving between various parts of the body. If the effect is long term (and sometimes this can be from several directions at once), it can lead to serious illnesses.
In such cases, a move is not a solution because the effect can be remote. If we are unable to deal with this issue, the only possible solution is effective protection.

The protective element PU manufactured the ZERO technology is used for protection from energy interactions with third parties and negative impact of geophysical anomalies and underground water flows.
energy interaction between people protection from energy interaction negative impact of geophysical anomalies protection from geophysical anomalies
energy interaction between people protection from energy interaction negative impact of geophysical anomalies protection from geophysical anomalies
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Application of the PU protective element
  • it is recommended that the protective element PU is worn 24 hours a day
  • optimal placements include in a pocket, round one's neck, in a wallet, incorporated into jewellery, ... etc.
  • duration of application is unlimited
  • no negative impact on human organism nor any other impact on physiological functions
  • PU protective element creates a protective space regardless of the environment, presence of other people, etc.
application of the PU protective element

Technical parameters
  • effectiveness of the protective element is not decreased in any way by its use
  • dimensions: 35 x 40 mm
  • surface is shiny, smooth and hard
  • excellent resistance to shock, rubbing, weather, UV rays
PU protective element