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logo ADiK Functions of the activated diamond crystal ADiK
In contrast to BAROQAL, the activated diamond crystal ADiK has a regenerative function. The activated diamond crystal does not directly protect the human organism from the negative impact of mobiles, BTS base stations and Wi-Fi.
Its main function is the repair of the incorrect setting of person's energy and information system resulting from exposition to mobiles, BTS or Wi-Fi. Contrary to BAROQAL protective element, the activated diamond crystal has a direct positive impact on human organism. The type of connection to this system and its correction ability are permanently fixed within the diamond structure. This positive impact was verified through the EAV diagnostics.
The main function of the ADiK activated diamond crystal is the regeneration of the damaged energy and information system of the unprotected person. The damage is caused by being exposed to mobile phones, BTS base stations and Wi-Fi networks.

Application of the activated diamond crystal ADiK
The activated diamond crystal ADiK can only be applied on the left wrist, it can be built into jewellery, textile or leather straps or a patch.
  • duration of application of ADiK is not limited
  • ADiK does not have any negative side effects
  • ADiK's function is effected by watches or metal bangles
  • ADiK is transferrable

  • application of the activated diamond crystal ADiK

diamond The activated diamond crystal is less than 1 mm small and it is set in the rubber side of the strap. This is why it is not visible when worn. The crystal can be set in a silver piece of jewellery or in a leather/textile strap. It can be also built into a patch which can be placed for example into a watch. All the straps use the same diamond and only vary by their design. The strap with the diamond can be worn only on the left wrist.